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The lion walk, with the Lion Encounter, is a wonderful and fulfilling experience. But LION ENCOUNTER has a definitive objective.

That objective is to breed lion cubs capable of surviving when returned to their natural environment.

Lion Encounter is an arm of the charity ALERT ( and your tour fee is a most welcome donation to that worthy charity.

Worthy because the African lion is officially designated a ‘vulnerable’ species bordering on ‘endangered’. And we just cannot think of Africa without lions.


The Walk

In order to sustain the rehabilitation programme, Alert in conjunction with The Lion Encounter, decided to make the process fun for the lions as well as for the public and tourists. Thus we have the lion walks. As you pay a small fee, you get to walk this majestic species, and appreciate its beauty.

As you arrive at Masuwe Lodge, where the lion walks take place, you are met by very friendly staff. Your guide for the day takes you under his wing. He directs you to a shaded area where you will have your coffee and tea whilst he briefs you about the walk.

After the talk, off you go, with your guide, to look for your friendly lions. You will meet up with them somewhere in the bushes and you start your amazing walk. You are allowed snapshots as you go, and there will be a member of staff taking a video which you can buy for a small fee at the end of the walk.

I for one am still overwhelmed, months after having walked with the lions. I cannot believe I did it. And I am not joking when I say that initially my heart was in my mouth, but it was worth every moment. Don’t miss it.


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