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Even if nearly every country has some small communities called villages, only in Africa will you discover the true meaning of village!

Getting there involves a 20 minute drive on tarred roads followed by a further 10 minutes on gravel tracks. On this drive we saw cows and goats before arriving at the homestead of the Village Head who greeted us warmly. We then all sat outside where he put some flesh on the skeleton below:

A number of WARDS
(Head Man for each)
A number of Villages
(A Village Head for each)
(One per Family)
Father rules!! Wife (sometimes wives but less so these days);
children and livestock

The homestead was extremely neat and tidy (and remember these tours are spontaneous - the village has no advance warning of your arrival).

On your tour around usually with The Village Head, you will learn how life goes on under difficult (impossible?!) conditions.

For the example how do the villagers cope:

  • For food with no ‘round the corner’ supermarket?
  • For entertainment?
  • To read at night with no gas or electricity?
  • With the nearest school perhaps many kilometres away? (Maybe ok for children able to walk but what about toddlers?)
  • With the nearest hospital, say, 20 kilometres or more away and only a ‘scotchcart‘ as possible transport?
  • With lions getting to their livestock?
    (To lose hens or a goat is bad enough, but to lose a cow, perhaps one of just 6 or 7, is a calamity.)

Just to mention a few.

We were shown round various huts. There are separate - interesting - ones where the family eat, sleep and relax. The kitchen was particularly ‘different’! And surely there must be easier ways of grinding mealie cobs to a powder.

The water situation we discovered is by means of a borehole. Sound easy? But pumping water up from 73 metres deep is not so easy!

All in all we feel sure you will be fascinated not only seeing village life as it really is but, who knows, perhaps acquiring new friends for life.

A don’t miss tour for sure!

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