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The Kingdom Hotel, whilst ideal for the family, is built for everybody’s enjoyment. It is very much ‘African themed’. Even the imposing architectural design is in the style of the Great Ruins of Zimbabwe. But the hotel throughout is both spacious and African styled.

Well kept tropical style gardens with lush green foliage are pleasing to the eye along with the cascading water by the hotel entrance. There is also a lake and swimming pools with a well designed bar.

The rooms are well equipped with all the mod-cons you would expect from a leading hotel. The service is both efficient and friendly. The main restaurant is deceptively large and airy and overlooks the gardens. But you can also dine at the poolside bar.

One hallmark of this hotel, however, is the seemingly unending amenities!

There is a Spurs Steak Ranch, an Italian Restaurant and even a fast food area. There are games rooms, an internet café, a number of shops, two or three bars, a hairdressing salon and a supervised crèche area.

One of the main attractions, however, is the casino area which boasts no less than 170 slot machines, black jack and roulette tables.

This hotel goes out of its way to make your stay a memorable one.

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