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Set in the Victoria Falls splendid Nature Sanctuary is the Crocodile Farm. This is - thank goodness – a friendly place! By which we mean that as you enter the Sanctuary you are met by a smiling member of staff who directs you to the shop. And friendly too because the crocodiles just cannot get at you!

The shop in itself is an interesting experience as it shows all manner of products made from crocodile skin. So, they do have their uses!

You are then taken on a guided tour through many pens with crocodiles of all different ages and sizes. Interesting facts are revealed about the gestation period and you can learn whether the sex is determined by the position of the moon during incubation; by the temperature surrounding the nest or by the strength of the river flow past the nest. (Fascinating!) You are also told how, when ready, the baby crocodiles escape their under the surface shell by letting Mum know, "it's time to get me out of here"!

The sad (?!) news is that because of predators like the fish eagle, only about 2% of those born in the wild actually survive.

There are fascinating facts about why they are being bred and why it is compulsory to 'give' some back to the Zambezi.

All in all another tour not to be missed. Totally enjoyable and absorbing from start to finish and, it has to be said, a rather unusual finish for a crocodile farm tour...

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