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An incredible 90 metre freefall from the famous bridge over the mighty Zambezi river below. Then, still supported from your feet, a further 20 odd metres of bounce before bring pulled back to the bridge.


In a sitting position on a line stretching right across the gorge an initial controlled fall of about 70 metres before gravity and momentum eventually bring you slowly to a stop.


Again on a line stretching across the same gorge, but this time in more of a standing position, momentum carries you to and from the far side before coming to a stop high above the crashing torrents below.

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RAFTING (Zambezi River)White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting on the Zambezi River below the Victoria Falls has been classified bythe British Canoe Union as Grade 5. This is a high volume, pool-drop river - little exposed rock either in the rapids or in the pools below the rapids. The Zambezi White Water Rafting is internationally acclaimed as being the wildest in the world.

Rafting is conducted on the Zambezi River, in Zimbabwe below the Victoria Falls. Options include



Half Day Trips:
Full Day Trips:
Full Day Trips:
1st Pick up: 08.00a.m
Drop off: 1.00p.m
Rapids done: #1-10
2nd Pick up: 10.30a.m
Drop off: 4.30p.m
Rapids done: #11-21
Pick up : 08.00a.m
Drop off: 4.00p.m
Rapids done: #1-21 except # 9
which is a grade 6 rapid.
And it's called the
Commercial Suicide
Pick up: 08.00a.m
Drop off: 3.00p.m
Rapids done: #11-23

• Overnight
• Multi-day rafting trips

Time to raft the big river! We begin our one day, and multiple day journeys on the Zambezi. We hike down a steep trail to the put in point on the banks of the Batoka Gorge. Using a combination of paddle boats and oar boats, our day is spent navigating some of the world's biggest and most dynamic rapids as we come face to face with "Nyami-Nyami"-the Zambezi river god in the form of heart pounding and enormous Class IV and V rapids (about one per mile)! We complete day one at rapid number 23, the air is hot and dry, the river water a mild 62 degrees, and the breeze that sweeps up the canyon is fragrant with the wildness of Africa.

The next couple of days are filled with paddling in calm waters, portaging Lower Mwemba and Chimamba Falls followed by camping on white sand beaches surrounded by the sounds of the African bush. Day three, we rev our paddling engines in preparation for Ghost Rider Rapid, without any doubt, one of the world's biggest raftable rapids! We paddle into an enormous series of haystack waves that climax into a pulsating, V-shaped rooster tail of three massive waves followed by collapsing chop and churning eddies. Paddle hard or Highside!

The following day, we drift into and through Crocodile Alley where our safety kayakers must come aboard our rafts (or risk a bite or two from any meandering croc!). As we float through the calm waters, we truly have the feel of being in a remote river canyon. Stopping at a small Zambian fishing village where the traditional thatched huts offer shelter from the blazing hot sun, we trade with local villagers for carvings and fire smoked fish. Our kayaking and rafting trip ends the following day as we emerge into the hippo pool waters near the Matetsi, food and drinks are served.